Our Vision

Expanding Health Horizons...

Our Mission

FDC is a people-oriented organization, dedicated to innovate, manufacture and market high-quality healthcare products that enhance the quality of human life all over the globe, and in turn, increase shareholders' value.

Our Core Values

  • Synergy

The whole organization, working as a team, is stronger than the sum of its parts.

  • Integrity

Always speak the truth, fulfill expectations and keep promises.

  • Trust

An organization built on trust, is a better place to work in and is more likely to produce results, in the long run.

  • Competitiveness

A desire to perform better than one's competitors, by challenging oneself, to attain new heights.

  • Openness

Willingness to share information and discuss differences within the organization.

  • Discipline

Adherence to prescribed regulations, proper conduct and action maintained by correction and training.

  • Creativity

Thinking of new ideas and new ways to add value to the organization.

  • Quest for excellence

A desire to be the best and be recognized as 'the best'.