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UV LUBE Eye Drops

UV LUBE Eye Drop contains Chloroquine Phosphate 0.03% w/v in aqueous buffered vehicle. UV LUBE Eye Drops is a patented product developed by Dr Rajeev Raut, who has his state of the art eye hospital in Pune, for the treatment of dry eyes. UV LUBE Eye Drop is a novel approach for the treatment of dry eye syndrome (DES). Besides its anti-inflammatory activity, Chloroquine Phosphate is a known modulator of autophagy.

Dry eye is a disorder of the tear film which occurs due to tear deficiency or excessive tear evaporation. Chronic inflammation is one of the common mechanisms of dry eyes caused by the activation of innate immune components, decrease in tear film stability, and increase in tear osmolarity.

UV LUBE Eye Drops is an innovative therapeutic approach for the restoration of tear formation in dry eye syndrome. Topical chloroquine has been shown to not only alleviate the symptoms of DED but also target the inflammatory processes contributing to disease pathogenesis.

Chloroquine Phosphate offers novel mode of action that restores natural tear formation. It protects eye from harmful effect of UV rays, prevents epithelial cell apoptosis, exfoliation of epithelial cells and destruction of goblet cells, and maintains integrity of epithelial lining.

A randomized placebo controlled trial showed that addition of Chloroquine Phosphate Eye Drops to conventional treatment of dry eyes has favourable impact on the disease. It significantly reduces foreign body sensation, burning and itching. It also showed significant improvement in signs as evaluated by tear film breakup time (TBUT), Schirmer’s test, fluorescein staining of cornea, redness, tear meniscus and Mucin threads. Significant improvement in microscopic parameters (apoptosis, nuclear characteristics, exfoliation clumps, DNA streaming, bare nuclei and nuclear debris) confirmed the favourable impact of Chloroquine Phosphate Eye Drops. UV LUBE Eye Drops were found to be well tolerated; no serious adverse events were reported in the study.

Chloroquine Phosphate has been shown to have superior efficacy and better tolerance than carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and cyclosporine-A.

Usual dose of UV LUBE is 1 drop to be instilled in each eye twice a day. For optimum efficacy, 21 days of treatment is essential. The beneficial effects started as early as 7 days after initiation of treatment and continued till at least 7 days after withdrawal of the treatment.