Organic Synthesis

R & D has a State-of-the Art facility, with capability of performing cryogenic and hydrogenation reactions.The R&D team consists of highly qualified Scientists, supported by QC & RA team for Regulatory filings, with the respective authorities.

The department has expertise in carrying out asymmetric synthesis, catalytic hydrogenations, cryogenic reactions, handling of pyrophoric and moisture sensitive reagents.  It also has a wealth of experience in developing novel polymorphs and dynamic resolutions of racemic mixtures, into pure enantiomeric form. The laboratories are well equipped with LC-MS, HPLCs, UPLC, GCs, IR, Polarimeter, Stability  Chamber, Vacuum Drier, Lyophilizer and Chiral Preparatory HPLC.

The department actively collaborates with other premier institutions for the development of New Chemical Entities.

All APIs, produced by FDC, meet ICH standards and are commercialized. FDC has a strong presence in the export market.

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