Functional Foods / Nutritional Supplements / Dietary Supplements

Products that deliver benefits consistently have been the hallmark of the Functional Foods department. The department is certified with BIS, HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 quality certifications.

FDC is a pioneer in developing a product for lactose intolerance – Soyal. The product was upgraded to ProSoyal with Supro as the world’s best soya protein isolate.

Further, consistent R&D on - Lactose intolerance has contributed to the  development of Simyl MCT, a product made from milk protein and products like MumMum–1, an infant milk substitute.

FDC has, in addition, the fast growing product Enerzal, a balanced energy drink as rehydration aid, and protein supplements like Zefrich and Humyl for general health & well being of the people.

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