Formulation Development

FDC is a research oriented organization. The R & D Formulation team is continuously working on various novel compounds and technologies. Formulation research forms the most significant pillar of FDC’s growth strategy. The R & D Formulation team designs and develops simple and complex dosage forms, for the domestic and global market. The major focus is on creating niche products, using highly specialized technology.

The R & D team works on continuous up-gradation of process and technology, so that the product range meets the international standards. The extensive research work has led to breakthrough inventions, which have been protected under patent applications.

The analytical laboratories are well equipped with sophisticated instrumentation. Analytical Method Development adopts Quality by Design approach. The analytical team fulfils national, as well as international requirements.

The regulatory team is actively involved in submission of dossiers in regulated markets, as well as rest of the world.

ANDAs Filed / Approved: Timolol Maleate ED, Ciprofloxacin ED, Ofloxacin ED, Dorzolamide ED, Dorzolamide and Timolol ED, Latanoprost ED and Cefixime Tablets.

EU Approvals: Timolol Maleate ED, Sodium Chromoglycate ED,  Betaxolol ED, Hypromellose ED, Chloramphenicol ED, Latanoprost ED,  Fluconazole Capsules and Amlodipine Tablets. 

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